"Kelsea and I cannot thank you enough for giving us the greatest joy in our life. We have had Avy for almost a year and cannot picture how our life would have been without her. Words cannot describe how much of an angel she is. Kelsea's dad reminds us every day that "we are so lucky to have a dog like her." We have seen the terrors that some dogs can be, and Avy has been the complete opposite. It is hard to describe how well behaved she is. I think she is just smarter than most dogs. She has our trust so much that we now allow her anywhere in the house when we are out. Whenever we return she is passed out on her back on the couch. She loves running in the backyard all day and sleeping all night. She lays at our feet while we eat knowing a treat will follow. She also does not have an aggressive bone in her body. I have never in my life seen a dog behave as well as her. I am not sure if it is how we brought her up, how you and your children brought her up the first 7 weeks, or a combination of the two. We couldn't be happier. Everyone that comes by and sees Avy is amazed and her progress and how she is now. Outside of the "wheaten greetin" she makes sure to give everyone she sees she is a very calm, relaxed, precious puppy who would not hurt a fly. She is also as loyal as they come. Everytime either Kelsea or I shower she will be laying on the bath mat as our "watchdog" until we get out. If she can't find any of us and we ask "where is mommy" or "where is daddy" she will search the whole house until she finds us. If I say "mommys home" as she pulls up the driveway Avy will be jumping at the windows and doors to see her walk up. She even knows Grandpa (kelsea's dad) as well as Mommy and Daddy. She is just the perfect little bundle of joy that we ever could have asked for and wanted to thank you for making our dream a reality! We would recommend you to anyone that needs a new furry family member (assuming they are willing to take the drive, lol)"
 - Ryan, Kelsea, and Avy, (NJ)

 - The Welch's
   Charlie, Sandralee and Shawna.

Upcoming Litters

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"Hi my name is Tessie and my Furry Mother is Honey! I had many brothers and sisters to play with when I was born. I sure had a great time with everyone! I was ready to play with my new big brother Tucker the moment I got home. The humans did a wonderful job of giving me lots of love and kisses. My new Mom loves all of the kisses and love I give her. The hardest part for my new Mom was bringing home only ME. She wanted to take all of my sisters too. I have grown 2 pounds a week since coming home and the vet says I am very healthy puppy. I also got my first haircut last week and she said I behaved excellent. I started puppy school and made a name for myself by begin extra excited, but have impressed everyone with how smart I am and how quickly I have learned my tricks! I love to play, run, JUMP off landings and stairs, create obstacle courses in the yard, play for hours with my brother, follow my uncle Gus to find trouble in the dirt, and crash hard for a great long nap in my crate. My FAVORITE thing to do is play keep away from my brother Tucker. Thank you to the humans who helped me out the first 8 weeks of life and I hope someday I can get another little brother or sister to boss around!"
 - Anonymous 

"I got my puppy in 2012, and we are so happy we did. He has been a great addition to our family. He has a great temperament and is wonderful with the kids. Loves playing in the yard. A very gentle dog, but still barks to alert us when a stranger approaches the door. My Wheaton is heathy, loves baths, does great when getting groomed. He is exactly the type of dog we were looking for. We love him!" 
- Jaime

Four Seasons Terriers & Whoodles
"Wheatens are our passion not our livelihood."



"We got Quincy in September this year, and we are very happy with him. We have been looking for awhile for breeders for Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. We visited a lot of them, some turned out to be puppy mills and some kept their puppies outside in kennels. Then my Daughter found Four Seasons Terriers. A small breeder that raises the puppies inside with family members. They are looked after, loved and played with by all family members. During birth the children are involved, which is great. Not stuck outside in a kennel. Also Julie had them going to the bathroom outside at 8 weeks. Its important to us that a puppy have contact with people. I bring Quincy to work every day. He greets all the sales people that come in and loves everyone. My Son has a 1 year old Boxer and he is here every day also, Quincy looks forward for his play time with Mack and they get a long like brothers. So if you are looking for a well rounded great Soft Wheaten Terrier, please see Four Seasons Terriers. A small breeder who cares about breeding great HAPPY, HEALTHY puppies. You won't be sorry."
 - The Welch's
   Charlie, Sandralee and Shawna.


"In just a few days, we have fallen head-over-heels with our boy, Pippin. He is happy, healthy, and bright, and has fit into our family as if he has been with us for years. We attribute that to the wonderful temperament of his mom and dad, and to the way that you raise your Wheatens – in an immaculate, home environment filled with love. It is people like you – people who breed for LOVE, rather than money -- who should be breeders. Thank you for your professionalism and for providing "just the right" touch – supplying starter puppy food and a toy for Pippin's journey. We are looking forward to the adventures that we will have with our boy, knowing that he has had the best of all beginnings as a member of your home."
 - Cyndee and Robin

"We love our puppy sooooooooooooooooooo much she's so cute and sweet and very crazy!!!! We named her Emme but full name is Emerald because its the color of her eyes. We have a really good time with her. she's sooo cute when she sleeps. She already knows come sit stay and down. she went to her first vet visit and she's very healthy! We take her on ALOT of walks but they are really fun. She cries sometimes at night but sadly we let her cry :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( She loves to watch me do gymnastics and meet new people! She has a lot of toys that she LOVES. We made a little potty spot for her in the backyard it has a tarp and on top mulch. She's making a lot of dog friends and so sweet. You can come and visit anytime!!!! Give a hug to bitty and honey for me!"
 - Julia