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About Breed


The history of the wheaten terrier breed dates back over 200 years and stems from a life as a traditional Irish farm dog. History places the breed in southern Ireland, around Wicklow and Cork as well us parts of northern Ireland, belonging typically to farmers and lower income families. Wheatens were the working man's dog. As a general purpose farm dog, wheatens lived a relatively hard outdoor life. This lifestyle required them to develop keen instincts, both mental and physical. This job placed the wheaten directly in the way of farm vermin which helps wheaten owners understand why their dogs have such a propensity for chasing small game today. Early wheatens also were used to herd cattle and sheep and would patrol the borders of their farms, alerting their owners of anything out of the ordinary with their trademark bark.
In March of 1962, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America was introduced. The AKC finally admitted the soft coated wheaten terrier in 1973. The popularity of the SCWT breed in the United States has grown significantly over the years, making the wheatens one of the most popular terrier breeds in the nation. 


Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are puppies for life. They are joyful, energetic and affectionate and never lose their love of play time. They are more friendly and easy going than other terrier breeds and generally get along well with other dogs. Wheatens are very people-oriented and enjoy the company of well-behaved children. Wheatens expect to be invited along for all outdoor family activities, and want to participate 100%. If they aren't included in a game, expect them to do their best to snatch the ball and invite themselves into the mix. Wheatens can adapt to city life or country life, as long as they are properly exercised. They will buzz around the house, park or back yard with great exuberance for as long as you let them, but if they spot an available lap to curl up in, they are happy to take a load off and relax for a while. Wheatens will greet you at the door every day as if you'd been gone for years, and they will usually give you the trademark Wheaten twirl. For people who like the size and energy of terriers but are put off by their temperaments, the Soft Coated Wheaten is the breed for you.

Care & Grooming: 

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier does not shed much hair but its soft and wavy coat needs extensive grooming. Combing its coat regularly is recommended for keeping the coat free of tangles and dirt. It should be bathed only when necessary and must be dried properly after each bath. Its eyes, ears and teeth should be cleaned properly to avoid any infection. The hair around its eyes, ears and paws, and nails should be trimmed regularly. Some dry food or bone should be given to the dog to chew, in order to keep its teeth strong and clean. 

Family: terrier
Area of Origin: Ireland.
Date of Origin: 1700s.
Avg. Size of male: Height: 18-19 Weight: 35-40.
Avg. Size of Female: Height: 17-18 Weight: 30-35.
Life span: 12-14 years.
Major Concerns: protein wasting diseases (PLE and PLN).
Other Names: Wheaten, Wheaten Terrier.
AKC Ranking: 58